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2 Years to our Journey of Health and lifestyle changes and still counting!

“Hi! I am Manvi Kaushal, your Nutrition and Wellness Health Coach.”

It still gives me goose bumps thinking about the time when I first said this out loud. when I reached out to someone as a Nutritionist to help them build a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition isn't just about learning to eat right, but learning to live right!

It has been a surprising journey!

What started out as an attempt to record my personal fitness journey after losing 30kgs and then learning each day ways to build a healthy lifestyle is now a brand that has already helped 100s of you build a healthy lifestyle.

After my journey of losing weight, I was left curious about all the different theories I had learnt about nutrition and fitness. So i joined the Nutrition program with American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), to learn about Nutrition in the right way. So i decided to put my knowledge to use by helping others on their journey of being fit and started my venture Mindful Eating, 2 years back.

And Oh Boy! It has been an eventful journey. In these 2 years I have received appreciation and praise by prestigious channels such as Time of India, Body and and Fit Tak. I have also conducted workshops on building a Healthy and sustainable lifestyle with corporates such as

Samsung, Hindustan Unilever and Make my Trip, Gurgaon. Also conducted workshop for social cause at Sankalp NGO, Chandigarh and an online online session with Gatha Welfare.

We have worked with clients across all cities in India and abroad to create an experience of building a sustainable lifestyle to help people reach their goals. Having worked with women and men of different age groups, from various cities with varied professions, it is always amazing how a little guidance can help people get back on track with their health.

It is not just about weight loss. There is a lot more that goes into it. Everyday I meet people struggling with lifestyle disorders such as PCOD, Obesity, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hormonal imbalances and others. Carefully building a healthy lifestyle requires lot of patience to help people find just the right Meal Plan that would fit well for their body and lifestyle and still help them achieve their health goal.

Each day I learn something new, from someone new. People have varied eating habits, different physical challenges and mental blocks. What makes this journey interesting with us is how we become a part of their lifestyle to help them break their comfort zones and achieve a new goal at everyday.

A big thanks to each one of you to be a part of this journey and trusting is to touch your lives to make it better

Bring in change and building a healthy lifestyle takes time. It takes consistency for working towards your goal. But what matters is that you don't give up!

Incase you have any queries reach out to me and I will be happy to help :)

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