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4 Week Nutrition Program by Mindful Eating


I am Manvi Kaushal a qualified Nutrition and Wellness Health Coach and Founder of Mindful Eating.Certified from AFPA - American Fitness Professionals and Associates, she has spent 3+ years guiding others for weight-loss and to build a healthy sustainable lifestyle.A weight loss expert, she has guided 500+ clients across the globe to get fit and build a healthy lifestyle. Designing Meal Plans for weight loss, Reverse PCOD, thyroid, diabetes and hormonal imbalances, Manvi has worked with a broad spectrum and lifestyle diorders.Also an empanelled Nutritionist with Yasmin Karachiwala Body image, Gurgaon she has helped their clientele in their health routines.Manvi has also conducted corporate workshops and few of her corporate clients include Samsung, Make my Trip and Hindustan Unilever where she worked with their employees to build a healthy sustainable lifestyle that fits well in their sedentary and stressful lives. 


Our Nutrition Program Transformation stories

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This is what our clients have to say for us


Neerja one our very first clients :)

A person so determined and a true hustler.

Neerja, a working professional, a mom and a wife. Makes her routine super busy and most of the day doesn’t leave her any time to focus on herself. Mindful Eating helped her not only lose weight but help her with her sugar craving and build a healthy lifestyle that would fit well in her busy schedule.

Shalini, 31 year old mother of adorable twins started her journey towards fitness and building a healthy lifestyle post pregnancy. When I first spoke to Shalini she was very upset with remarks from her relatives and wanted to quickly lose her post pregnancy weight.

In her initial days Shalini struggled with lot of food cravings and found it very difficult to exercise. But 2 month in the program and Shalini in her own words, "Manvi I cant even live a day without exercising and I love how all my relatives are complimenting me".

Shalini lost 8 kgs with our 2 months program and happily maintaining her weight :)


Alka took the first step to build a Healthy Lifestyle with Mindful Eating to eat healthy and Nutrient dense Meals. She started with our home workouts and lost 5 kgs with our 4 weeks program.


She also learnt to make better food choices as per work profile is stressful to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Nitish, an avid biker and IT Consultant stays by himself in Gurgaon. When Nitish started his journey with us he was

skeptical because of his busy schedule and all the cooking it would require.

Nitish lost almost 15 kgs with our 3 months program. In his own words, "Manvi made my journey to get fit and healthy not only easy but the recipes that she provided with such a big help that i have not started enjoying cooking for myself and my family on a daily basis. Thanks Mindful eating for helping me on each step of the way!" 


Abhilasha, 32 years a dance professional and working in corporate moved back to India after years and started putting on weight due to sedentary lifestyle. 

When she started working with us at Mindful Eating we helped her build an active lifestyle and eat meals that were healthy and easy to make to help her get back in shape and feel lighter again.

Mansi a person so determined and positive. 

After several attempts to lose weight Mansi reached out to us to help her in journey to lose weight before her marriage.

For someone who had already been trying to lose weight this seemed like a challenge. But despite her hectic work schedule and things to take care of because of her marriage, Mansi lost almost 20 kgs with our 3 Months program. 

The best part was that she did not stop there and still continues to hustle to be the right weight as per her BMI and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kudos to you girl :)


Nirali started her journey to get fit with us in 2020.

After shifting to Australia and having a new born she was detected with PCOD, which caused her to gain weight post pregnancy.

The sedentary lifestyle and the food options available there also did not make it easy to lose weight. But once Nirali decided that she wanted to take charge of her health there was no stopping her.

Our 3 Months Nutrition and Fitness Program guided her to build a lifestyle that fit well with her current lifestyle and still making it possible to lose weight.

Nirali lost 15 kgs during the program but still continues her journey to get fit and reach her ideal body weight.

Reviews by our clients


Our Nutrition Programs is designed to help you
build healthy eating habits, reach your goal and build a lifestyle that is sustainable and sticks with you for life. 
Obesity, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Hormonal Imbalance are lifestyle disorders which can be corrected with the right nutrition approach. We at Mindful eating help you learn how to plan your own meals and reach your health goal!

Client Testimonials




We provide Meal Plan designed as per your goal, lifestyle and body type 


Lifestyle and Health Analysis


We make sure your reach your health goal in a systematic manner


Guided Weight - Loss Guidance


Learn to form New Healthy Habits


We provide weekly detox to cleanse your body and load with nutrients


Replace your old habits with new Healthy Choices

Break Unhealthy eating habits & learn to manage your cravings


Daily follow up to make sure your progress is consistent


Weekly follow up calls and counselling

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