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SAMSUNG, Gurgaon

Conducted a session with team Samsung, India at their headquarter in Gurgaon. The session, "Nutrition and Lifestyle" was designed to help the employees at Samsung to understand the basics of Nutrition and it's importance in our daily lives. The aim of the session was to help them find ways to make healthier choices.

The session focussed on helping them understand that making small adjustments in everyday life can help them time to exercise, chose better food options, sleep better and feel energetic throughout the day.

Also these lifestyle changes can help them better deal with stress at work.

MMT, Gurgaon

Conducted a session with team Make My Trip, India at their Gurgaon office. A one on one session was conducted to understand the individuals problems of the employees to guide them and assist them to build a personalised plan that would work to better their current lifestyle. The aim of the session was to help the employees find ways to make healthier choices and easily build a healthier lifestyle.

The session focussed on interacting personally with employees to understand their health related concerns. They will make aware of ways to bring small changes to their lifestyle and make healthier choices to have a better tomorrow.


A "Food and Healthy Eating Habits" workshop was conducted in collaboration with Sankalp NGO, Kansal (Chandigarh) to help their kids between age group 5-13 years healthy eating practices.

Lots of fun activities were also conducted for the kids to remember the session and take away some good practices.

Variety of information right from basics of nutrition to foods that should be eaten on a daily basis, was shared with the kids and their parents. Eating right can help kids be healthy, build brain function, memory and concentration. So learning the basics at an early age can go a long way in helping to build a healthy lifestyle.


The workshop was also covered by Punjab Kesari and Sunhera Samaj local newspapers.


A session to - "Develop a Healthy Lifestyle" was conducted at the HUL, Gurgaon office. A large crowd of employees had a fun interactive session where topics such as - Basics of Nutrition, way to build a Healthier Lifestyle, small habits to change were discussed. A Healthy Lifestyle is known to impact overall mind and physical performance. A little investment in self care can go a long way in increasing productivity which helps the employees and the companies.


After the session the employees had a complete digital body analysis scan done which helped them understand more about their body and learn ways to improve their lifestyle.