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Nitish Kaushal

Lost 12 kgs in 3 months. Not only has he embraced a new lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating he is more active and energetic than ever. Kudos to your dedication and hard work.


Manvi K.

Lost 30 kgs in 9 months. A pure example of persistence and hard work. Once you set your mind to anything you can achieve almost anything.

IMG-20190426-WA0008 (1).jpg

Alka M.

Lost 9 kgs and 3.5 inches in 2 months. Even with the tough corporate routine she is dedicated to making a lifestyle change everyday. 


Dheeraj Malhotra

Rock solid dedication of completely changing his body composition, lifestyle and the way he looks and feels about himself. Gained 11 kgs from 67 to 78kgs.


Sunita Sharma

Sunita approached us for her increasing cholesterol issue. Even at the age of 59 years people show dedication to alter their lifestyle and habits. She has Lost 3.5 kgs in 1 month and 2.5 Inches &  her cholesterol is in control now.


Sugandha Khosla

7 Kgs lost in 8 Weeks Program. Staying alone in a metro city she is embracing healthy eating habits beautifully. Gym has become her second home and she is focussing on strength training to tone her body and maintain her weight.


Harry Singh

He has Lost 9 kgs weight from 84 kgs to 75 kgs in 2 months and has increased his muscle mass percentage by 7% in the past 6 months of functional and strength training routine.

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