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Vacay-Weight!!! Stop worrying about it??

Just back from your trip and feeling bloated and heavy? Are you are feeling guilty and you can’t think of anything else?

Relax...They are just few extra pounds!!

Feeling guilty about putting on weight after the vacation is the worst thing you can do for yourself because the whole point of the vacation was to de-stress and relax. So even if you chose to feel bad about the weight-gain or heaviness you are feeling right now, it is in no way going to help you lose that vacay weight.

So what can you do about it??

Make a plan to bounce back and detox that vacation weight instead of stressing about it. So let’s get started on few things you can actually do to get rid of this weight.

  1. Eat balanced meals - Restart your normal eating habits. Just because the sudden weight gain is showing doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself by going on some crazy diet. Start slowly to get back to your normal eating habits and build a more healthy eating plan. Eat balanced meals, just don’t stuff yourself. Keep it light. Feeling guilty or depressed about it will only make you feel more hungry. Weight fluctuates based on different conditions and is not the real measure of good health. A short period of indulging won’t actually make you fat. What is important is to eat healthy and balanced meals to keep yourself fit and healthy.

  2. Rehydrate your body - When losing that vacation weight water can be your best friend. The good news is that some that weight you just gained is water weight and is temporary. Rehydrating your body can ease the water retention and help you lose that water weight easily. Avoid soft drinks, canned juices, sugary drinks on your vacation and especially when you are trying to lose the vacay-weight.

  3. Pick those weights - Burn it out. Increase the intensity of your workout though you might feel like slacking it off. The same workout might not help you much to shed those extra kilos, so it would be a good idea to increase the intensity of your workout routine. Though going for a run or hitting that aerobic class may seem like a quick way to shed off those extra kilos, it is best to go for strength training.

  4. Get some sleep - Sleep would be your next best friend at this hour. With all the travelling, partying, eating, jet-lags, getting back to routine the body need extra rest. The body and mind both get exhausted with all the changes. So it is a definite must to sleep at least 6 hours (the more the better ;) )

Don’t forget the real reason why you decided to go on a vacation. Worrying too much about your food choices will just distract you from the real reason for taking the vacation.

So relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your new surroundings and make the best of it. After getting back start with making small changes (baby steps always matter).

Healthy eating habits and regular exercise will not just help you lose those extra kilos but go a long way in building a better lifestyle for you!!

Be Stronger than your Excuses!!
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