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Turning the numbers around!

My journey for weight loss started in 2017. But this was not my first attempt at loosing weight as I have struggled with weight issues for as far as I can remember. I did try loosing weight couple of times before, once when I was in college (that must be back in 2005 ;)) I lost a good 18 kgs which lasted for 6 months and then the weight was back again. My second attempt was few years later where I managed to loose few pounds and maintain it for a while.

What was different this time?

What I didn't realise back then was that weight loss was not just about achieving a number but a change is lifestyle or rather an attitude. The A-ha moment for me came in 2017 when one fine day I felt breathless climbing the stairs to the second floor. Ya I know it's not a big deal but stairs have always been my thing until that day when it seemed like a mountain climb (and trust me I am not exaggerating). Well I tried it the next day thinking maybe I was not in best spirits the previous day, and it was not a cake walk this time either. I gradually started taking the elevator. Few days later there was a group photo session in our office and the pictures that came completely shocked me. They say a picture speaks a thousand words; this one screamed at me that enough was enough. I literally woke up the next day, I looked in the mirror and was like "holy crap". Who is this person and what have I been doing?? I just couldn't see the old me anymore. I was almost 90kgs, my hair turning all white and I was soon going to turn 30. It all seemed like a lot for me to sync in.

What did I do next?

I put everything I knew into play- From changing my STATE, to planning my PLATE and learning to loose and love my WEIGHT. But I also knew that the changes I was making should be changes that I could keep going with and love.

It's never too late to work towards being the healthier you!

How does a young girl gain that kind of weight?

I have always been an emotional eater all through my teens. But even before I could understand that I had an emotional eating pattern, I was an over-weight kid!! Well it was not until my recent struggle with my weight that I realised that it was a vicious circle of counting on food for emotional support. When I was sad it was lots of cheese and chocolates for me and when I was happy, again there were lots of sweets and cheesy food for me. So either ways I was adding on more and more calories with no effort to burn them. What added to the problems was my discovery of PCOD (will discuss this in detail later) which was also adding to the weight. Every time I went to a doctor they would say the same thing "LOOSE SOME WEIGHT".

The Journey began...The day I reached my highest weight, I was set on a journey of determination and motivation to change my life. Being the foodie I am it was not easy to restrict on outside eating. So I started taking interest in cooking to know what was going in my food before I put it into my body. I started eating better and added salads and soups to my life. The months that followed where like a roller coaster. I started going to the gym five-six times a week and joining high intensity dance classes couple of times a week. Six months into my journey, I did the unthinkable: I found the energy to start jogging — something I was sure I’d never be able to do. I participated in my first ever 5k marathon :) and it sure was a proud moment for me. In an years time I lost 30kgs/ 66 pounds, and completely changed the way I LOOK and FEEL about myself. But that was not my biggest achievement, it was knowing that I had not only done something I’d always promised myself I’d do, but also that I could commit to goals and achieve them.I started reading a lot about better food options and not limiting myself to diets that leave me feeling starved. I also started charting my own exercises the ones that would work for my body type. The more I explored the more I started loving it and started out on this quest to helping my friends and family. I had so many questions and the more I read the more curious I became. To get answers to my questions I enrolled with AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates) to become a registered Nutrition and Wellness expert. This is something which was never there on my list of plans I had for my life :)One and a half year down the line, and I am proud to say that I am a Certified "Nutrition & Wellness Health Coach".

Sometimes you just need the reminder that you are capable of making something happen and you do deserve to have that life.


With this blog I hope you to fall in love with making better life choices the way I did. I hope that if you are someone struggling to get motivated this will inspire you in some small way. It is no easy journey but it is SO worth it in the end. And I can promise you that if you focus on losing that extra weight in a healthy way, maintaining it is much easier than losing. Just stay focused and celebrate those small milestones. Just go one step at a time. Good luck!

It always seems impossible until it’s done… And the first step is the hardest.
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