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Lose Weight with the Right Mindset

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

During my journey of weight-loss I tried a lot of things (trust me a lot of things!), from trying different meals to all kinds of workouts. Every time I would hit a plateau, I would read up online, do some research and try something new.

There were days when I would just live on eggs and there were days I would have only cabbage soup for dinner. Now when I look back at my journey and the person I have become, I think it was my never give up attitude that made me reach my goal.

In the past 2 years I have worked with more than 200 clients and everyone has a different goal, but what makes those who actually achieve their goal different from those who give up halfway?

It is their mindset!

Your mindset makes your journey different from others and defines how easy or difficult you make this journey. Some people feel that just because they have taken a diet plan, their weight will magically reach a healthy number. Let me tell you it does not work that way. You are one the who has to push the obstacles that come in your way, a health-coach, nutritionist, fitness trainer can just guide you with the right way to approach the challenges that face on your journey.

What I learnt is that Nutrition plays a critical role in weight-loss and so does our exercise routine, but having the right mindset makes your approach holistic and brings you that much closer to your goal.

So what is a right mindset for Weight-Loss?

Right mindset is one which makes your journey worth taking it and not a more difficult one.

Here are 5 mindset changes that can change the game for you -

1. Positive Thinking -

It's easy for us to say negative statements such as -

"I can’t do push-ups", "I can’t sleep early", "I hate fruits", "I can’t have more water!"

But to change, All it takes is a minute!

But if you, yourself can’t be positive about your journey how do you expect to even reach your goal? Learn to talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend.

Something that worked for me -

If you are someone who is not naturally a positive person, affirmations can go a long way in helping you change your chain of thoughts.

Try writing down statements such as - "I love to exercise", "I love making healthier food choices", "I enjoy being fit and healthy"

Make a practice of taking out 5 minutes in the morning or before you sleep to repeat these positive statement, and pin them where you can see them during the day till they become part of your subconscious mind.

2. Set small goals-

Slow and steady wins the race!

Because in the end it all adds up. When anyone starts their weight-loss journey the only reason they start is because their motivation level is high and they want to overnight change everything around them. The problem with this approach is that the more drastic steps one takes to reach their goal, the sooner they lose their motivation and they get back to their old lifestyle. The most important key when building a healthier lifestyle is to make small changes. It can be simple changes as -

Having a fruit first thing when you wake up

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Walk for 5 minutes after dinner

Reduce the salt you take

Replace cookies with yoghurt

3. Focus on small achievements -

If you don't learn to appreciate your small achievements, you wouldn't even get to know when you start feeling frustrated and give up mid- way. So its important to stop and make a gesture of appreciation for self and show kindness to yourself.

4. Train your brain -

Brain can play nasty when you on a difficult journey such as weight-loss, so it's important to train your brain before. Make sure to be keep a check on your - Consistency, persistency and motivation levels throughout your journey. Keep moving forward no matter what with firm intentions and always keep the reason that motivated you to start your journey in the first place close to you. Whenever you feel like giving up just check all these parameter's and get back on track.

5. Change begins from within -

Though we think losing weight or becoming fit has to do with our physical appearance, it is not true. Change always begins from inside you and changes the way you look outside. Start treating yourself with love. If your body is aching, take a day’s rest. If you are feeling low, it’s fine to lay low for the day. When you treat your body with love and respect, your body will also respond to all the efforts you make.

So if you are someone starting out your journey to be fit and healthy, remember your mindset will define, if you achieve your goal or not. So take it slow, and even if you fail have the mindset to get back up and start again :)