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How to not put on weight these Winters!

Winters and the fitness struggle! It's real!

Winters are here and I simply love this season. But this season literally makes me feel so lazy and hungry all the time. The days are shorter, and it's nearly impossible to workout and boy do you also feel the hunger pangs? I feel like I am hungry all the time.

Do you also feel the same way? Don't worry! It is not just you or me who feels this way, but it is how the body responds to the winter season.

Winter season brings changes in the body which makes it difficult to lose weight, in fact many of us end up putting on weight. Melatonin, a hormone which acts on our appetite increases during the winters which triggers the hunger pangs we end up eating more.

Also as the daylight time reduces we barely get any exposure to sunlight which reduces the amount of Vitamin D the body gets.

Research shows that lack of Vitamin D reduces fat breakdown in the body and causes fat storage.

So already we are eating more and the fat the excess calories then get deposited in fat cells rather being used by the body.

So here are 5 ways you can make sure not to put on weight these winter season -

1. Make conscious healthy choices -

It is easy to get carried away and indulge in high sugar and carbs comfort foods. These high carb foods give instant comfort but in the long run only make us unhappy and more lazy. Eventually they slow the blood flow and lead to weight gain. The only way to end this endless cycle is to choose healthy alternatives. Swap your foods for winter vegetables and soups. For your sugar craving make healthier choices rather than mindlessly indulging in store bought cookies and cakes.

2. Eat Balanced home cooked meal -

Winters automatically increase your metabolic rate to maintain your body's temperature. So instead of indulging in junk, sugary treats and processed foods even if you have your simple ghar ka khana there is no way you will put on weight. The body just burns away everything! But do keep dinners light and healthy as winters make it easy to have soups and warm veggies. Balance your meals in terms of protein, fats and carbs -- having the correct mix of all three macronutrients will help to prevent overeating and increase satiety

3. Make an exercise routine -

Move your body no matter what! Though it's hard to step outside, work on making an exercise routine that works for you. Indoor workouts, quick jog in the nearby park, a de-stressing yoga session, pilates in front of the heater, an online session will get your body warmed up in no time. Make sure to exercise 4-5 times a week for at least 45 minutes. Even if you feel super lazy exercise in your comfy pyjamas because it's all about creating the right balance of a healthy lifestyle and comfort.

4. Stay hydrated -

Without even realising winters leads to decrease in the water we consume. At times what we think are hunger pangs, is just the body's way of telling you that it needs more water. The best things that can help you stay hydrated during the winters in spinning on green teas. Cinnamon tea, ginger honey tea, black tea can all help you meet your water requirement and keep you warm at the same time. Make sure to drink at least 2 litres of water to help the body's metabolic function and keep your appetite in check.

5. Be consistent -

This is the toughest part - Being Consistent! Wherever we start something new it is easy to get overwhelmed and make lots of changes to build a healthy lifestyle. But its easy to lose sight of your goal and give up. If you missed your workout one day or indulged in a sumptuous meal that does not meal its over. Next day get back to your healthy routine.

So this winter make a new routine that fits well with you! Winters is a season of comfort, celebration and good food, but with just a little dedication you can maintain good health and even your weight.

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