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Client Transformation Journey - "Commit to be Fit"

I woke up to this happy post today by Neerja. A school friend, I ran into few years back and boy am I glad we met :)

Few months back Neerja contacted me, telling me how she had been struggling with her weight gain post pregnancy and her sedentary lifestyle and wanted to change the way she felt and looked about herself. She had already shed a lot of weight in the past 1 year and had hit a plateau at 65 kgs which had been bothering her.

Working with one of the top MNC's in Gurgaon, to managing a toddler, a home and a hectic lifestyle, I was amazed by this girls determination to get fit and build a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

I still remember how the initial few weeks were tough. Neerja had such a tight schedule that making food especially for herself or making time for any kind of exercise was a really task for her. I really thought she would quit just after the first month. But to my surprise she said she wants to continue with me. But this time there was something different about her, she was much more determined than before, she was much more focussed than before. Over the past few months one thing that I really learnt about Neerja is that she has the perfect - NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE!!

Once she sets her mind to anything, she has to get it :)

In her own words -

Gracing 34 today !! 

Post pregnancy, my health had hit the worst lows ever. From being 80 kgs suddenly to joint pains, dengue, disturbed work life balance and being a guilty mom I only stress ate!! 

For almost a year now I tried my hands of different things to make myself get into my old pants and feel healthy again.

Lockdown was definitely the game changer for me. Lockdown, was something I couldn't fit into my head!! And I began my fitness journey from May 2020. From 65 kgs I am now 58.5 kgs in just four months!! 

Presenting a FIT me to myself

But what I am most proud of are the healthier choices that I now make, which have become a part of my lifestyle. I now only want to get better and better. I feel so fit and healthy eating is a habit now! Thanks to @getfitwithmanvi for making this transformation a reality. 

Fitness is not about being better than anyone else, but being a better version of yourself!

Just the thought of exercise used to made me run away from it. But with Manvi's guidance, exercise has now become an important part of my daily routine. Her meal-plans are easy to cook, home made foods which actually made it easy to fit a healthier eating pattern into my lifestyle. My fitness routine has not just helped me reach a healthy weight, but I feel stronger, happier and much more confident than before :)

Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood!

Neerja is just the perfect example of how a little progress each day adds up to the big result. So if you are someone starting out your journey to be fit and healthy, remember no progress is too little. Each step matters, because only you know truly what you are going through. So be kind to yourself, take it slow, and even if you fail have the mindset to get back up and start again :)

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