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5 Super Hacks to Detox, post Festival Binge Eating!

Festivals are a time to rejoice and connect with friends and family. We eat to our hearts fullest, drink and indulge in the festivities. But what follows is the opposite, where you can end up feeling sleep deprived, dehydrated, bloated and exhausted. But with these simple steps you don’t need to feel tired or guilty and re - energize your body without having to stress about it.

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live!

But before you start a detox the good news is that the body has an amazing detox system of its own, all you need to do is provide a conscious support for the next few days and you will be back on track in no time at all.

The detox/ cleaning process is carried by the liver and kidney. When we overindulge in foods and alcohol it leads to an increase in workload on these organs which can cause the body to feel tired or slow. A little external help from you can help the body detox faster and get back in form.

5 Detox Steps post a Festive Indulge -

1. Back to basic home-made food -

You don’t have to do anything out of the box to start the detox process. Keep it simple and get back to simple - Ghar ka khana. Removing all inflammation causing foods such as fried, sugar, junk and processed, helps the body cleanse from inside and build immunity. Adding green veggies and fruits, rich in antioxidants also helps the body replenish on the lost nutrients and refuel faster.

2. Hydrate - Hydrate - Hydrate -

During the festivities we all consume alcohol or sugary beverages which dehydrates the body. In the process we lose essential electrolytes which can make the body feel sluggish. The simple way is to drink lots of water. Start your day with lemon water or green tea. After every meal have a glass of lukewarm water. Coconut water is nature's miracle drink to help the body quickly recover on the lost electrolytes. Add soups for dinner to reduce the burden on the body and help clear the system more effectively. Avoid sugary drinks, sodas and alcohol for the next 3-4 days till the body is back in full action.

3. Start back on exercises -

This can be a tough one. Starting back an exercise routine could require a lot of motivation. But it doesn't have to be so hard. Take small steps, just start by adding a 20 minutes walk to your routine. Increase workouts slowly and steadily. Exercise helps in the detox process and it helps flush out toxins from the lungs and sweating helps the skin get rid of the built up toxins. Increased blood flow during workouts also helps the organs cleanse themselves.

4. Focus more on your gut Health -

Gut health directly affects our overall well being. Imbalance in digestive health can not only cause symptoms such as gas, bloating, loose motions but can also affect your moods and make you feel low. So start by working on your gut health. High fiber foods such as legumes, oats, bananas, beans help to improve gut health. Also fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi, yoghurt are rich sources of probiotics and help healthy bacteria to flourish and gradually improve our gut health.

5. Sleep Better -

Did you know that sleep actually helps a great deal in the body's detoxification process? When you go to sleep the body releases melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps the body maintain its vital detox functions. If you have trouble sleeping try having hot turmeric milk or chamomile tea before you hit the bed. At Least 30 minutes before hitting the bed, stop the use of your phone or laptop. Even essential oils such as lavender help a great deal in getting you ready for a sound sleep.

The best "Detox Diet" = Regular Exercise, Healthy Balanced Meals and lots of water!

So don't let the word detox scare you! Start with these simple steps to get back to your routine of a healthy lifestyle. Trust your body and the process and in no time you will be back in shape and health.

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